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Speed Up Computer-Make Your Computer Run Faster Today!

Almost everyone owns a computer and some are not aware on how to maintain their computer in good shape. If the computer slows down there initial reaction is that the computer is infected with a virus. Though, this is true but not all the time it is the main cause of the problem. It may be as simple as there are programs that are running in the back ground that should not be and many more.

Speed up computer by searching for the main cause of the problem and treating it. Here are the main reasons why the computer slows down and how to deal with it:

1. There are sectors on the hard disk that is not used, which makes storing new files difficult. This will relatively slow down the computer because it will have a hard time looking for a good sector to store information. There might be an available sector but it is not enough so it will look for another available sector and so on.

To speed up computer, defrag the computer once in a while. Twice a month is ideal and you do not have to be in front of the computer all through out when doing this. All you need to do is start the Disk Defragment tool and choose the drive you want to defrag. Once it has started running then you can just leave it because it will take several hours to finish.

2. Corrupted files can cause the computer to slow down. It can also result to the computer crashing which makes it difficult for the computer to shut down. To speed up computer, use the Scan Disk tool included in Windows operating systems. This will search for files that are not being used in the computer and that are safe to delete.

The files include temporary Internet files, Cache, Cookies and files in the Recycle bin. You have the option to delete the selected files or not.

3. The most common cause of a slow PC as mentioned earlier is virus infection. The computer can be infected after browsing a malicious website like pornography sites. Adware or spyware can be installed in the computer where in it can display several advertisements on the computer. This will gradually slow down the loading of programs and makes it impossible to work continuously.

Speed up computer by installing a reliable antivirus program. It is recommended that antivirus programs must be installed before using the computer especially when it is a brand new computer.

4. Sometimes unnecessary programs are installed in the computer that is not used frequently. Like for instance games, programs that you have forgotten to remove after trying it or trial programs.

Open the Control Panel and open Add/Remove Programs feature. This will display all the programs that are installed in the computer. Browse the list and look for the programs that you are not using then remove it. After removing programs always make it a point to restart the computer for the changes to take effect. Also if possible, look for the folder associated with the program under Program Files and delete the folders.

5. Programs that are running in start up can also slow down the computer. If a program automatically starts in Windows reboot it will access the memory and this can take up a space. And if several programs are running in start up all at once, the programs will compete on accessing the memory. This will make it harder for the computer to start completely.

To speed up computer start up, do not check the option that says “Automatically start on Windows Reboot”. This option is usually seen under the Settings of the program.

Registry cleaners are also important tools that you should have installed in the computer. This will help you maintain the registry and computer performance in good shape.

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