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Some Clients You Just Hate!

Working in public relations for over 16 years, I can tell you some stories about clients I HATED! Yes, that’s a strong word but they are just difficult to work with no matter how hard you try. Nothing pleases them. It’s almost like they’re lives are miserable and they want everyone’s’ lives around them to be miserable as well. I mean to answer the phone and hear yelling immediately, not even a hello? That is just plain rude!

Thankfully at WinnComm, LLC we don’t have any of those clients! We actually love working with our clients. They’re fun! They ask important questions. And they’re easy to promote! I mean who wouldn’t want to do social media planning around kitties and puppies? Or building website traffic and SEO for clients around healthy eating or helping startups with business planning? Or a assist a multi-boxer gamer with his online store? (He’s taking a break from gaming over the summer). Yes, we truly do have awesome clients! And we’re about helping them become successful and meeting goals!

WinnComm’s philosophy is simple. Work with businesses you would love to promote, but if for some reason, personalities clash, then good-bye! Just read an article from our co-CEO Jim Couts on firing clients! If you work for yourself, you made be hesitant to let them go for financial reasons. We understand! But work towards a goal and time when you can tell them, “No more! You’re fired!” Some clients you just hate to work with!

The cool thing is, we’re looking for more clients we love! We have goals of the types of clients we would love to work with! Gaming companies, products or gamer profile like Shakeboxing, a racing team, a non-profit helping homeless families, anything to do with astronomy or space are just a few! But honestly, we’re willing to help any business to reach their goals! We are goal focused and have many strategies, products and pathways for you to get where you want to grow! Just contact us NOW!



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