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Shedding tears: A story of a startup

I don’t remember the exact day or how Jimmy even mentioned it but I know it was around September 2014, when he said he wanted to start up his businesses again. Now mind you, I’ve only briefly thought about owning my own business but truthfully, I didn’t want to work that hard. We discussed. We agreed. And literally within a day, was created using this logo.

Although WinnComm was created, both of us held jobs and the time to pursue our WinnComm dream together often took a back seat. But in February 2015, we decided to make WinnComm, LLC. Jimmy gave his notice on April Fool’s Day, not a joke, but he saw that the start-up would soon fail (It has), and wanted to put his full efforts into WinnComm, LLC while I continued to work at the MBA. During this time, this is what I’ve learned:

1. It takes everything
Yes, it does take everything – all your available resources, including the big one… TIME! Jimmy works anywhere from 14 to 22 hours EVERY day! I work at the day job and come home and do what I can in the evenings and weekends. We don’t have a lot of adventures right now but occasionally, we’ll invite all our friends over for a BBQ. We try to take a moment to reconnect to the people that matter to us. I guess that’s why we are always disappointed when people don’t or can’t come. It’s our one moment to talk to you, see your face standing in front of us instead of the photos making their way through our Facebook news feed.

Then there’s the paycheck cut and the startup costs for hardware, servers, Internet, web addresses, marketing – you name it. It’s hard. You sacrifice luxuries. Jimmy doesn’t have his brand-new truck or vette or his shop. I don’t have my M6. We haven’t travelled together except throughout Washington state.

There are times, I ask myself if this is worth it. All work and very little fun! But then I think back to the dream of when Jimmy and I first talked, building with the intent so that we can work hard and play harder! It just takes time and I’m not a very patient person. Through it all, my conclusion, YES, it’s worth it.

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