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SEO Scammers Piss me Off! I Know Who to Trust!

Scammers of any kind piss me off! They are only in this world to hurt others and help themselves make a dollar. They don’t think about the families they are harming, the businesses they are destroying, and the trust they are damaging. Distrust kills reputation and right now, this is especially true for online marketing experts, who struggle to keep their good name intact. There are so many horrible SEO companies out there discrediting the industry and the people who truly know their stuff and understand Google, its algorithm and search engine optimization (SEO). It’s the true experts, the legit ones, that aren’t out to destroy anyone but instead, help businesses grow and meet their goals so that they succeed. They want to help, not hurt!

True story:

Our new client, the Yeast Diet, worked hard and grew their business successfully. They were number one in Google’s search engine for the search term “yeast diet” and number six for “candida diet.” Our client made enough money to pay the mortgage selling recipes and offering free information to anyone in need of it.  Then Google changed its algorithm. Fine. They do that a lot and it’s their prerogative. It’s their company. But our client, started falling in the ranks. Before they started falling too far, they hired an “SEO expert.” This “expert” used blackhat tactics that pissed Google off and destroyed the business. The Yeast Diet now struggles to gets about 20 visits a day and selling cookbooks to pay for the mortgage, well, that’s now…gone.

I know this has happened over and over to so many big and small businesses, but it really hurts the smaller ones because they don’t have the capital to hire someone else to start over. Everything our client worked so hard for, just gone. and nowhere to be found except a few fans who have really came to trust them with their dietary needs and yeast issues.

In today’s online world, anytime Yeast Diet, Candida diet, SEO, web trafficeanyone shouts, I’m an expert in SEO, people doubt. They believe it’s a scam. And quite frankly, often times, they are right! That’s the scary part. So who can you trust?

Fast forward a few years and The Yeast Diet is once again slowly climbing the Google ranks. Right now, The Yeast Diet is on top of page four for the search term “yeast diet.” It climbed one full page within a 24-hour timeframe. It is NUMBER ONE on Bing for the same search term! So far, The Yeast Diet hasn’t appeared in the first 20 pages of Google for the search term “candida diet,” but when it does we will be celebrating!! It’s on the bottom of the first page on Bing ALREADY! Simply amazing! And may I remind you, this is THREE days! (Results will vary).

And remember the 20 person a day in website visits? Well, The Yeast Diet in three days has seen a 500 percent increase with 1,228 unique visitors (see image). So how did this happen? Who made this happen? Who has the desire to help business grow and meet their goals?

A True SEO Expert:

So do you want to know who? Of course you do! Well, I’ll tell you it’s my partner in life and business, my co-CEO of WinnComm Jim Couts. I call him Jimmy. Yes, Jimmy did it! That’s who! Our Yeast Diet client is very pleased so far and wrote an endorsement on LinkedIn (see image), along with 13 other people validating his credibility! But really, how do you know I’m telling the CraigEndorsementtruth. That I’m not trying to scam you? I mean he’s my husband and partner, right? Well, most likely you don’t know me, so you probably don’t. However, read my post, “WTF, I don’t spin.” I don’t lie either. I am a very ethical public relations professional and business owner with high integrity! I will drop a client FAST, if they ask me to lie for them with a huge NO, along with a few profanity words. That’s just who I am!

But just in case you STILL don’t believe me, the best way to find a true expert in SEO and web traffic is ask the people in your network. Do your research. Educate yourself. Jim has quite a few articles on SEO on his LinkedIn profile, such as “Affordable SEO Explained,” “Online Marketing and Content Marketing Together Equals Great SEO,” and “The Black and White Philosophies of SEO.” He also has many other articles on this topic and other topics as well. Each article has over 1,000 views. There’s also an article about questioning these so-called selfish SEO experts that piss me off: “SEO: SEM: Online Marketing Experts?” I’m telling you, if you want to climb the search engine rankings and increase website traffic, Jim is your guy, your guru, your expert. He has many pathways to get you there through blog marketing, affiliate marketing and social media strategies. You won’t be let down. You will get results. There’s no guarantees you’ll be number one in the search engines but you will climb the ranks legitimately.

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