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Pressure of Facebook: Bullying of Forcing Ads on Your Company

Originally posted on LinkedIn:

TL;DR: If I could, I’d wrap it up in a screenshot… well here you go:

Of course, my comments in yellow aren’t politically correct, but do I care? Of course not! I don’t care, but what I do care about are corporate / non-corporate social media platforms out there looking to force ads down another’s throat just because I ranked and seeded everything about Public Relations down their search engines like it’s Google. Easy peasy! So their way of getting me out of there because of the world’s largest public relations firm went and cried to them? Was to unpublish a page I set up for my wife’s blog and they flagged the website with this note to throw a left-jab:

A website that’s ran by my wife and business partner, which is a PR (public relations) BUFF and someone that loves telling stories of others and getting the word out there. But do you see where I’m heading with this?

Does anyone really need #Facebook to buy ads to reach your next potential client? Nope! This was just another test case on why you shouldn’t buy ads from them. They are downright the bully of the internet for forcing and shutting a page down when they only have three likes on their page but ranked number one in front of anyone that has a journalism, crisis communications, or anything public relations background. Their search algorithm was too easy and I ended up figuring it all out in two days. I’m a marketer, an engineer and a product owner that specifically focuses on building and engaging the user base of a business. I aim to always find a way through any block, whether it’s in my professional / personal life.

So their tactic was to shove an email down my inbox two hours after the fact asking me if I wanted to buy ads. They were a bit irritated they were losing ad revenue or maybe that PR firm was losing money from leads, whatever it was, I was simply using their system to my advantage. #TestComplete

I’ve been a #GrowthHacker since long before the used car sales(wo)men converted to #onlinemarketers. 😉

Oh I almost forgot, a few hours later, the claim of an automated system did this, when in fact the only thing they selectively did was change my permissions to not use Open Graph for over 24 hours on my personal profile (They must think I’m a fool.)

Question: Will you get banned from this on Facebook by posting about them?

Answer: They’ll do whatever they want, and however they want. I never broke a violation or rule since it’s all stated here: but do I care if I’m banned? Surely not, it’s not my first rodeo, for them it may be, and for what’s to come if they do is on them. They do wholeheartedly believe in “selective censorship.” Wondering if they’ll continue their tirade since the fact of the matter is they tried to bully the wrong person, personally.

Do I need their ads? Nope, look here below… If I was to buy an ad, it would be on Twitter. However, I’m a firm believer against ads so I’m torn. I built a lovely piece of marketing software that I’ve been maintaining and using since 2001 for online marketing, wondering why Google AdWords reached out to partner up with me back in 2005, which of course I refused… (Best testimonial I ever received, besides my recommendations on LinkedIn here.)

Geo-fencing & demographical used as one is dangerous, well a good dangerous! 😉

Facebook’s Priorities

Then when they have pages up alike the following and claim a public relations page with only three people that liked it and it’s two days old was “violating their terms”. I’m not sure where their priorities are…

#CyberBullying in corporate levels do suck. Legally can they do this? Of course, it’s their website, we adhere to it. What do we do afterwards?

Watch and see! #Staytuned and follow on @geek_think


Best regards,
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