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Like RT if Your Company had a CRAPPY Public Relations or SEO firm!

Over the past year, we at WinnComm, LLC have had the opportunity to speak to numerous companies about public relations, SEO, social media, etc. My partner (and love of my life) Jimmy are always so excited with the opportunity to speak to new people. Honestly, we get giddy. Sounds weird but it’s true. We’re in the people business and helping people succeed in their dreams is what we love to do BEST! But over the past year, we’ve heard over and over how this SEO company hurt our business or this PR firm took our money and there were no results. We did what they asked us to do and our business ends up nowhere or worse off than when we hired them. This truly upsets Jimmy and I. We hate it when people and their dreams are taken advantage of. When they come to us, they are weary, hesitant and keep stating this fact over and over throughout our 45 minute conversation. It truly irks us throughout every fiber of our being. Why? Because we know how hard it is to start a dream of owning your own business. Jimmy has had many businesses. Some he sold. Some struggled and closed. Others he made millions of dollars. This past year has been tough to relaunch two successful business that were closed due to personal circumstances. One involves online marketing, now call WinnComm, LLC. The other is USA Landscape Materials. There have been a few times we thought, let’s give up, shut down the servers and work for someone else. But in those moments, one of us is strong and says,”no, we believe in our services, our talents, let’s keep going!” So we do.¬†We also relaunched his ecommerce site through affiliate marketing. Let’s just say we just added a new server because there’s so much traffic! Jimmy would laugh, saying, “Oh yay, everything is broken. The server is down again because there’s so much traffic.” So another server is born! Load balancing is key and 30 seconds later everything is fixed and off we go. Anyway, my point being, we know what it’s like to dream, to owning your own business and all the sweat equity and hope that goes into it. This is exactly why we are truly disheartened hearing about people’s bad experiences with firms. They’re out for themselves instead of wanting to help others.

After the teleconference today, we’ve decided that we should think about changing our tagline, “We are the janitor of SEO and PR firms.” We will clean up other people’s messes and instill trust again in our fields. Jimmy is amazing at SEO and I’m pretty damn good at public relations. But thing is… we care about the people we’re helping and our reputation. We don’t want to ruin our reputation for a buck. Sure, we want to get paid for the work we do but that dollar isn’t worth more than the people we’re helping grow their businesses OR our very own reputation. We have two clients right now that are so pleased with their results and it hasn’t even been a month since we’ve been helping them with their SEO and product sales. We are helping them gain trust in the field once again.

So what do we do to re-establish trust? First, talk to them, show them what we can do. Secondly, we offer temporary discount on our services. This gives them the opportunity to buy services but at a reduced fee they can afford in their limited budget since they were taken for thousands of dollars by previous firms. Thirdly and most importantly, RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS! We show them. We reinforce our talk with results for themselves and their companies and we walk with them every step of the way, explaining what we’re doing, showing them the results we’re seeing and how we think it can improved. We hold their hand and most importantly we are honest. The potential client we spoke with today mentioned “press kits,” something that the PR firm I’m sure charged them dearly to create. I would NEVER create a press kit. Reporters just toss them in the trash. The only two documents that I find important to create are the press release, if warranted, and the FAQ. And for us, the FAQ is more for the company spokesperson than the reporter. The pitch, the press release are truly the only things needed to grab the attention of the RIGHT reporter. If they don’t cover the topic you’re pitching, nothing will work to grab their attention and if anything, it will only irritate them that you didn’t do your research.

Anyway, I needed to vent because like I said, it truly gets to us when people’s dream are taken advantage of. We at WinnComm, LLC are truly sorry for this!

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