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Keep Up On Career Trends or Escape Today by Reading A Book

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One of the essential daily tasks of public relations professionals, is keeping up on the news. What’s happened today or while you were sleeping? How does it affect the companies or clients you work for?  Is there a story that you can use your messaging in your social media efforts?

However, reading headline after headline of all the tragedies, can weigh heavy on your heart or shoulders. Sure, you can shrug it off, but one day, it just might be too much and you need to escape. One way to escape is by reading a good book! But you can’t plan when you’re going to feel overwhelmed. I know I can’t. That’s why a subscription to Amazon Kindle is what this PR practitioner recommends! Experts say that a career in public relations is in the top 10 most stressful so do what I do sometimes. Go home, kick off your shoes, get into some comfy clothes, grab your kindle and download a free book on any topic of your choice! Some of my favorites are crime drama, vampires and mystery.

Now, if you don’t necessarily want to escape, then download a book on the newest trends affecting your career! When I started in public relations, social media didn’t exist but thankfully, I read on the newest trends and I’ve been involved with social media since 2005, starting with MySpace.  When Facebook started its business pages, I was there, filling out a profile for the nonprofit I worked for. I had opposition but I knew it was going to be an important channel. They literally thanked me for it a few years later.

Anyway, whether you want to escape the day or catch up on the newest trends, Amazon Kindle is the way to go. We all lead busy lives and downloading a book is simple and fast so try it today for 30 days FREE! If you don’t like it or don’t use it, cancel within 30 days but I bet you won’t!

Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

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