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Ideas for 2017 Planning

For many companies, it’s the beginning of a new year – a new quarter and a new budget. Often times, companies do their planning and budgeting backwards. They create their budget first and then use those dollars to plan, which can limit the direction and goals you want to reach. Planning within budget constraints limits your company’s potential. It’s possible that if you plan first, you can take your expected budget, move a few things around and get the results you want through sacrifice in other areas.

However, you budget, here are a few ideas that could help you reach your goals that won’t break your budget but will require more staff time.

Start a blog:
If your company doesn’t already have a blog, think about starting one. And I mean THINK! Keeping a blog updated takes time and dedication. If you’re passionate about what your companies does, content shouldn’t be an issue.
A blog is a great way to tell your story in your own words. Share the stories on your social media channels, newsletters and emails. It’s a great way to build your brand, increase awareness, share your story and increase SEO on the search engines.

Social media:
It seems that the constant of social media is that it’s always changing. Here are a few things you might want to try.

Going live:
If you have an interesting event happening, think about going “Live” with it. Anyone who follows your company will be notified that you’re live. With Facebook’s algorithm affected viewership of your content and posts, this is a good way your followers will be notified and reminded of your brand.

You could also try this with Twitter Live Stream and SnapChat. Instagram is also looking for ways to do live video. This is especially useful if you have a younger targeted audience.

If you sell a product or service, consider using the “shop” feature that Facebook added. It a way to talk about your products and if your content convinces your audience to buy, they can buy it without leaving Facebook. Some smaller businesses may even consider getting rid of their e-commerce website in lieu of Facebook’s shop feature.

Here’s to reaching your corporate goals, using every method available!

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