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Dreams change

Dreams change. Sometimes it’s for good reasons. Other times it’s because people give up. Growing up I wanted to be in fashion, draw buildings, counsel people and working as a development director at a non-profit. I remember early in my career, I was in a dead end job because I didn’t attend college after high school. I was trying to find my way, my dream job, so I would combed the employment listings in the newspaper (yes, I just dated myself haha). I found this job listing for a development director for a nonprofit. I went to the director of my company who was highly educated and showed her the job description and asked, “How do I get this job?” She laughed and told me I would never get that job. I don’t like it when people doubt me. My piano teacher did the same thing as a child. “That song is too hard for you,” she said when I show her the music to Music Box Dancer. I went home that night and learned four bars and played it for her during my next lesson. “Well I guess it isn’t too hard for you.” That’s right! Don’t doubt me!

After getting pregnant with my adorable daughter, I decided I needed to get serious and do something with my life. I started college for the fifth time but this time I didn’t quit. I succeeded at getting that job at a nonprofit in a way different than I expected. I didn’t end up being a development director but I did end up as director of public relations. I was doing what I loved telling stories, media relations, social media, photography, launching a clothing line to help homeless people. I did it! I succeeded in reaching my dream job and I was good at it! It may not have been development director position I originally saw but it was close enough. And honestly you couldn’t pay me enough money to do that job! I am not a fundraiser. I’m a storyteller through public relations and marketing channels. ūüôā And funny thing, a few years ago, I emailed that director and told her that she shouldn’t judge people – that I accomplished what she thought I couldn’t do.

So a few years after landing my dream job, I am the first person ever in my family to earn a Master’s Degree. I work at that job for 14 years. Now I’m bored. It’s the same story over and over and even if it was an awesome story to tell, I was no longer inspired. So what do I do? An opportunity came about and I was able to launch a fashion line to help homeless people. Remember, my dream of a fashion career? Another dream that came true! So now what? I went on my dream vacation of going to Europe. It’s a dream I have had since I was a teenager. I ended up touring France and Italy for three weeks. I didn’t picture traveling Europe by myself, but it was time and I certainly needed it. I met up with friends along the way and it was a dream come true! For a brief moment, I wanted to live in Europe. I thought I would go back within two years. That’s didn’t happen. Why? I met the man of my dreams who gives me the love I’ve been looking for my whole life. Awww. We were married a little over a year later.

So… my landed my dream job and I’ve been there 14 years, I went on my dream vacation, I met the man of my dreams, and my daughter is now a grown young and beautiful woman. There are many things I’ve could’ve done better as a mom but I’m proud of my daughter. She’s pursuing her dream and I wanted her to be a strong independent woman and she is. Sometimes I think too strong. haha. So now what? I have accomplished all my dreams. My dream bank is empty.

About a year ago and a half ago, Jim and I decided to start our own business. Our talents are broad and we can pretty much do whatever a business or person needs to succeed. If we can’t do it, we know someone who can and will partner with them. Our company is called WinnComm, LLC. We also have a few companies under that umbrella called and USA Landscape Materials¬†along ¬†with a few (ok seven to be exact)¬†ecommerce affiliate marketing sites as well. We are pretty diverse!

Starting your own business is bumpy, especially when you both work full-time jobs. Last April, Jim, had a feeling a startup company he was working for was having financial issues. He was right! The investors pulled their money and the remaining employees are working for free. Anyway, it was the second job within six months that didn’t work out due to fiscally irresponsible companies. I had recently got a new job, making more money, so we decided he would work full time on WinnComm, LLC while I continued to work outside the home at a job I considered a “transition” job.

This past year, there have been hopes that came crashing down. We thought we had investors, only to find out they were thieves (no we didn’t lose any money). This happened twice. We thought we had people in our corner, willing to help guide us, with idea that once the company made money, they would receive a percentage. They acted as though they wanted to help but then the bill for a monthly retainer came. We didn’t have the money to pay a retainer. This, too, happened twice. Then we started responding to RFP’s. We didn’t land any contracts. There was so much hope and even harder let downs. Last year, we lost thousands of dollars. However, I read a quote once, that said “Just when you’re about to give up, is when the miracle happens.” We were so close to giving up. Jim wanted to shut down the server, close our websites down and get a job. All the hard work we did, resulting into nothing. I was scared, don’t get me wrong but I believe in him and his skills. I believe in my skills. I believe in our morals as human beings and the desire to help businesses grow and not take advantage of them like so many companies do. And finally, in the month of June, we landed four clients! Wow! A small miracle just when we were about to give up!

It’s interesting, our clients are companies who have been scammed and we are helping them to believe again. We take less pay to give amazing companies and people a fighting chance — something that no one did for us! We are not where we want to be but we are heading in the right direction. Our hearts are in the right place, we are rock solid with our talents and we are both fighters. The people who will benefit from our success will be our family and friends and the hurting people of this world. Once we meet our revenue goal, we will start our own foundation to help give people a chance. No one gave us a chance. Some tried to take advantage. That is not us. That is not WinnComm, LLC.

So my new dream? You just read about it. Don’t give up on your dream. The miracle might just be around the corner!!

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