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Do People Really Want to Watch Blood & Gore on the News?

TV NewsI love working in PR. It’s about storytelling and there’s always good stories to tell. What I don’t understand is why the news decides to showcase all the bad news that happens. They must do studies and people secretly want to see the gore and blood and people at their worse. Why else would they keep covering these stories, while other do-good stories get missed? I know some of the feel good stories do get covered but it’s usually on slow news days. For years, I got up at 4am to head down to the homeless shelter I worked at and met reporters who wanted to do stories about volunteers feeding people struggling with homelessness.  However, if there was a fire or snow, no one would come.

I guess I ask this question because honestly, I unfollowed all the news stations during the final month of the election. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I also ask the question because 150 volunteers are coming to paint Kindering, a second home to kids who have learning disabilities, a place that builds trust and a place of safety for them learn and catch up to other kids their age. Seattle has four TV stations and not one covered it.  I mean who wouldn’t want to see cute three-year-olds running around or learning in a classroom? They are adorable! I know I would prefer that over another protest, a child being taken away from a family because they are struggling with homelessness or a family who has to keep the memory of her daughter alive because she was killed. Those are heart wrenching stories. There’s enough sadness in the world. I guess it’s my choice not to watch or follow the news. But am I the only one?

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