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Damn…Missed PAX West AGAIN!

Public Relations. Gamer. Fast Cars. Space. Those are four industries that I find truly fascinating. I’ve worked in public relations for over 16 years now and I have yet to help promote and brand anything dealing with online games, fast cars or space, which is why I’m disappointed that I missed PAX West again! Look at this schedule, it looks fun and interesting! Plus, through the eyes of WinnComm, I would love to check out all the new and old online games and see if there was an opportunity to help promote them. And it wouldn’t necessarily have to be an online game, it could even be some new technology that helps gamers’ performance, such as my keyboard and mouse by Razor that helps me with PC gaming, such as World of Warcraft. My favorite types of games are MMO played on PCs. I have yet to find one that can compete with the graphics of Wow, however, the content is becoming less and less creative.

If you know of a company within these industries, gaming, fast cars/racing and space that needs help with promotion or media relations, please contact me!

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