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Dreams change

Dream. Don't get up

Dreams change. Sometimes it’s for good reasons. Other times it’s because people give up. Growing up I wanted to be in fashion, draw buildings, counsel people and working as a development director at a non-profit. I remember early in my career, I was in a dead end job because I didn’t attend college after high school. I was trying to find my way, my dream job, so I would combed the employment listings in the newspaper (yes, I just dated myself haha). I found this job listing for a development director for a nonprofit. I went to the director of my company who was highly educated and showed her the job description and asked, “How do I get this job?” She laughed and told me I would never get that job. I don’t like it when people doubt me. My piano teacher did the same thing as a child. “That song is too hard for you,” she said when I show her the music to Music Box Dancer. I went home that night and learned four bars and played it for her during my next lesson. “Well I guess it isn’t too hard for you.” That’s right! Don’t doubt me!

After getting pregnant with my adorable daughter, I decided I needed to get serious and do something with my life. I started college for the fifth time but this time I didn’t quit. I succeeded at getting that job at a nonprofit in a way different than I expected. I didn’t end up being a development director but I did end up as director of public relations. I was doing what I loved telling stories, media relations, social media, photography, launching a clothing line to help homeless people. I did it! I succeeded in reaching my dream job and I was good at it! It may not have been development director position I originally saw but it was close enough. And honestly you couldn’t pay me enough money to do that job! I am not a fundraiser. I’m a storyteller through public relations and marketing channels. 🙂 And funny thing, a few years ago, I emailed that director and told her that she shouldn’t judge people – that I accomplished what she thought I couldn’t do.

So a few years after landing my dream job, I am the first person ever in my family to earn a Master’s Degree. I work at that job for 14 years. Now I’m bored. It’s the same story over and over and even if it was an awesome story to tell, I was no longer inspired. So what do I do? An opportunity came about and I was able to launch a fashion line to help homeless people. Remember, my dream of a fashion career? Another dream that came true! So now what? I went on my dream vacation of going to Europe. It’s a dream I have had since I was a teenager. I ended up touring France and Italy for three weeks. I didn’t picture traveling Europe by myself, but it was time and I certainly needed it. I met up with friends along the way and it was a dream come true! For a brief moment, I wanted to live in Europe. I thought I would go back within two years. That’s didn’t happen. Why? I met the man of my dreams who gives me the love I’ve been looking for my whole life. Awww. We were married a little over a year later.

So… my landed my dream job and I’ve been there 14 years, I went on my dream vacation, I met the man of my dreams, and my daughter is now a grown young and beautiful woman. There are many things I’ve could’ve done better as a mom but I’m proud of my daughter. She’s pursuing her dream and I wanted her to be a strong independent woman and she is. Sometimes I think too strong. haha. So now what? I have accomplished all my dreams. My dream bank is empty.

About a year ago and a half ago, Jim and I decided to start our own business. Our talents are broad and we can pretty much do whatever a business or person needs to succeed. If we can’t do it, we know someone who can and will partner with them. Our company is called WinnComm, LLC. We also have a few companies under that umbrella called and USA Landscape Materials along  with a few (ok seven to be exact) ecommerce affiliate marketing sites as well. We are pretty diverse!

Starting your own business is bumpy, especially when you both work full-time jobs. Last April, Jim, had a feeling a startup company he was working for was having financial issues. He was right! The investors pulled their money and the remaining employees are working for free. Anyway, it was the second job within six months that didn’t work out due to fiscally irresponsible companies. I had recently got a new job, making more money, so we decided he would work full time on WinnComm, LLC while I continued to work outside the home at a job I considered a “transition” job.

This past year, there have been hopes that came crashing down. We thought we had investors, only to find out they were thieves (no we didn’t lose any money). This happened twice. We thought we had people in our corner, willing to help guide us, with idea that once the company made money, they would receive a percentage. They acted as though they wanted to help but then the bill for a monthly retainer came. We didn’t have the money to pay a retainer. This, too, happened twice. Then we started responding to RFP’s. We didn’t land any contracts. There was so much hope and even harder let downs. Last year, we lost thousands of dollars. However, I read a quote once, that said “Just when you’re about to give up, is when the miracle happens.” We were so close to giving up. Jim wanted to shut down the server, close our websites down and get a job. All the hard work we did, resulting into nothing. I was scared, don’t get me wrong but I believe in him and his skills. I believe in my skills. I believe in our morals as human beings and the desire to help businesses grow and not take advantage of them like so many companies do. And finally, in the month of June, we landed four clients! Wow! A small miracle just when we were about to give up!

It’s interesting, our clients are companies who have been scammed and we are helping them to believe again. We take less pay to give amazing companies and people a fighting chance — something that no one did for us! We are not where we want to be but we are heading in the right direction. Our hearts are in the right place, we are rock solid with our talents and we are both fighters. The people who will benefit from our success will be our family and friends and the hurting people of this world. Once we meet our revenue goal, we will start our own foundation to help give people a chance. No one gave us a chance. Some tried to take advantage. That is not us. That is not WinnComm, LLC.

So my new dream? You just read about it. Don’t give up on your dream. The miracle might just be around the corner!!

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Like RT if Your Company had a CRAPPY Public Relations or SEO firm!


Over the past year, we at WinnComm, LLC have had the opportunity to speak to numerous companies about public relations, SEO, social media, etc. My partner (and love of my life) Jimmy are always so excited with the opportunity to speak to new people. Honestly, we get giddy. Sounds weird but it’s true. We’re in the people business and helping people succeed in their dreams is what we love to do BEST! But over the past year, we’ve heard over and over how this SEO company hurt our business or this PR firm took our money and there were no results. We did what they asked us to do and our business ends up nowhere or worse off than when we hired them. This truly upsets Jimmy and I. We hate it when people and their dreams are taken advantage of. When they come to us, they are weary, hesitant and keep stating this fact over and over throughout our 45 minute conversation. It truly irks us throughout every fiber of our being. Why? Because we know how hard it is to start a dream of owning your own business. Jimmy has had many businesses. Some he sold. Some struggled and closed. Others he made millions of dollars. This past year has been tough to relaunch two successful business that were closed due to personal circumstances. One involves online marketing, now call WinnComm, LLC. The other is USA Landscape Materials. There have been a few times we thought, let’s give up, shut down the servers and work for someone else. But in those moments, one of us is strong and says,”no, we believe in our services, our talents, let’s keep going!” So we do. We also relaunched his ecommerce site through affiliate marketing. Let’s just say we just added a new server because there’s so much traffic! Jimmy would laugh, saying, “Oh yay, everything is broken. The server is down again because there’s so much traffic.” So another server is born! Load balancing is key and 30 seconds later everything is fixed and off we go. Anyway, my point being, we know what it’s like to dream, to owning your own business and all the sweat equity and hope that goes into it. This is exactly why we are truly disheartened hearing about people’s bad experiences with firms. They’re out for themselves instead of wanting to help others.

After the teleconference today, we’ve decided that we should think about changing our tagline, “We are the janitor of SEO and PR firms.” We will clean up other people’s messes and instill trust again in our fields. Jimmy is amazing at SEO and I’m pretty damn good at public relations. But thing is… we care about the people we’re helping and our reputation. We don’t want to ruin our reputation for a buck. Sure, we want to get paid for the work we do but that dollar isn’t worth more than the people we’re helping grow their businesses OR our very own reputation. We have two clients right now that are so pleased with their results and it hasn’t even been a month since we’ve been helping them with their SEO and product sales. We are helping them gain trust in the field once again.

So what do we do to re-establish trust? First, talk to them, show them what we can do. Secondly, we offer temporary discount on our services. This gives them the opportunity to buy services but at a reduced fee they can afford in their limited budget since they were taken for thousands of dollars by previous firms. Thirdly and most importantly, RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS! We show them. We reinforce our talk with results for themselves and their companies and we walk with them every step of the way, explaining what we’re doing, showing them the results we’re seeing and how we think it can improved. We hold their hand and most importantly we are honest. The potential client we spoke with today mentioned “press kits,” something that the PR firm I’m sure charged them dearly to create. I would NEVER create a press kit. Reporters just toss them in the trash. The only two documents that I find important to create are the press release, if warranted, and the FAQ. And for us, the FAQ is more for the company spokesperson than the reporter. The pitch, the press release are truly the only things needed to grab the attention of the RIGHT reporter. If they don’t cover the topic you’re pitching, nothing will work to grab their attention and if anything, it will only irritate them that you didn’t do your research.

Anyway, I needed to vent because like I said, it truly gets to us when people’s dream are taken advantage of. We at WinnComm, LLC are truly sorry for this!

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Keep Up On Career Trends or Escape Today by Reading A Book

Kindle Unlimited by Amazon

Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

One of the essential daily tasks of public relations professionals, is keeping up on the news. What’s happened today or while you were sleeping? How does it affect the companies or clients you work for?  Is there a story that you can use your messaging in your social media efforts?

However, reading headline after headline of all the tragedies, can weigh heavy on your heart or shoulders. Sure, you can shrug it off, but one day, it just might be too much and you need to escape. One way to escape is by reading a good book! But you can’t plan when you’re going to feel overwhelmed. I know I can’t. That’s why a subscription to Amazon Kindle is what this PR practitioner recommends! Experts say that a career in public relations is in the top 10 most stressful so do what I do sometimes. Go home, kick off your shoes, get into some comfy clothes, grab your kindle and download a free book on any topic of your choice! Some of my favorites are crime drama, vampires and mystery.

Now, if you don’t necessarily want to escape, then download a book on the newest trends affecting your career! When I started in public relations, social media didn’t exist but thankfully, I read on the newest trends and I’ve been involved with social media since 2005, starting with MySpace.  When Facebook started its business pages, I was there, filling out a profile for the nonprofit I worked for. I had opposition but I knew it was going to be an important channel. They literally thanked me for it a few years later.

Anyway, whether you want to escape the day or catch up on the newest trends, Amazon Kindle is the way to go. We all lead busy lives and downloading a book is simple and fast so try it today for 30 days FREE! If you don’t like it or don’t use it, cancel within 30 days but I bet you won’t!

Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

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SEO Scammers Piss me Off! I Know Who to Trust!

SEO Scams SEO Expert

Scammers of any kind piss me off! They are only in this world to hurt others and help themselves make a dollar. They don’t think about the families they are harming, the businesses they are destroying, and the trust they are damaging. Distrust kills reputation and right now, this is especially true for online marketing experts, who struggle to keep their good name intact. There are so many horrible SEO companies out there discrediting the industry and the people who truly know their stuff and understand Google, its algorithm and search engine optimization (SEO). It’s the true experts, the legit ones, that aren’t out to destroy anyone but instead, help businesses grow and meet their goals so that they succeed. They want to help, not hurt!

True story:

Our new client, the Yeast Diet, worked hard and grew their business successfully. They were number one in Google’s search engine for the search term “yeast diet” and number six for “candida diet.” Our client made enough money to pay the mortgage selling recipes and offering free information to anyone in need of it.  Then Google changed its algorithm. Fine. They do that a lot and it’s their prerogative. It’s their company. But our client, started falling in the ranks. Before they started falling too far, they hired an “SEO expert.” This “expert” used blackhat tactics that pissed Google off and destroyed the business. The Yeast Diet now struggles to gets about 20 visits a day and selling cookbooks to pay for the mortgage, well, that’s now…gone.

I know this has happened over and over to so many big and small businesses, but it really hurts the smaller ones because they don’t have the capital to hire someone else to start over. Everything our client worked so hard for, just gone. and nowhere to be found except a few fans who have really came to trust them with their dietary needs and yeast issues.

In today’s online world, anytime Yeast Diet, Candida diet, SEO, web trafficeanyone shouts, I’m an expert in SEO, people doubt. They believe it’s a scam. And quite frankly, often times, they are right! That’s the scary part. So who can you trust?

Fast forward a few years and The Yeast Diet is once again slowly climbing the Google ranks. Right now, The Yeast Diet is on top of page four for the search term “yeast diet.” It climbed one full page within a 24-hour timeframe. It is NUMBER ONE on Bing for the same search term! So far, The Yeast Diet hasn’t appeared in the first 20 pages of Google for the search term “candida diet,” but when it does we will be celebrating!! It’s on the bottom of the first page on Bing ALREADY! Simply amazing! And may I remind you, this is THREE days! (Results will vary).

And remember the 20 person a day in website visits? Well, The Yeast Diet in three days has seen a 500 percent increase with 1,228 unique visitors (see image). So how did this happen? Who made this happen? Who has the desire to help business grow and meet their goals?

A True SEO Expert:

So do you want to know who? Of course you do! Well, I’ll tell you it’s my partner in life and business, my co-CEO of WinnComm Jim Couts. I call him Jimmy. Yes, Jimmy did it! That’s who! Our Yeast Diet client is very pleased so far and wrote an endorsement on LinkedIn (see image), along with 13 other people validating his credibility! But really, how do you know I’m telling the CraigEndorsementtruth. That I’m not trying to scam you? I mean he’s my husband and partner, right? Well, most likely you don’t know me, so you probably don’t. However, read my post, “WTF, I don’t spin.” I don’t lie either. I am a very ethical public relations professional and business owner with high integrity! I will drop a client FAST, if they ask me to lie for them with a huge NO, along with a few profanity words. That’s just who I am!

But just in case you STILL don’t believe me, the best way to find a true expert in SEO and web traffic is ask the people in your network. Do your research. Educate yourself. Jim has quite a few articles on SEO on his LinkedIn profile, such as “Affordable SEO Explained,” “Online Marketing and Content Marketing Together Equals Great SEO,” and “The Black and White Philosophies of SEO.” He also has many other articles on this topic and other topics as well. Each article has over 1,000 views. There’s also an article about questioning these so-called selfish SEO experts that piss me off: “SEO: SEM: Online Marketing Experts?” I’m telling you, if you want to climb the search engine rankings and increase website traffic, Jim is your guy, your guru, your expert. He has many pathways to get you there through blog marketing, affiliate marketing and social media strategies. You won’t be let down. You will get results. There’s no guarantees you’ll be number one in the search engines but you will climb the ranks legitimately.

Content Strategy Planner: An Uncomplicated Guide To Simple Content Marketing: Battle the bounce. Retain more visitors with a clear system.

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Court: No right to carry concealed weapons in public

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — In a victory for gun control advocates, a federal appeals court said Thursday people do not have a right to carry concealed weapons in public under the 2nd Amendment.

An 11-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said law enforcement officials can require applicants for a concealed weapons permit to show they are in immediate danger or have another good reason for a permit beyond self-defense.

The decision overturned a 2014 ruling by a smaller 9th Circuit panel and came in a lawsuit over the denial of concealed weapons permits by a sheriff in San Diego County.
California generally prohibits people from carrying handguns in public without such a permit. State law requires applicants to show good moral character, have good cause and take a training course.

In San Diego County, the sheriff required applicants to show supporting documents such as restraining orders against possible attackers to show good cause for a permit. The requirement prompted a lawsuit by residents who were denied a permit.

During oral arguments before the 11-judge 9th Circuit panel, Paul Clement, an attorney for the residents, argued that the self-defense standard should be sufficient and asking for more violates the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

California Solicitor General Edward DuMont countered that there was a long and rich tradition of restricting concealed weapons in cities and towns. California officials sought to intervene in the case after the San Diego sheriff declined to appeal.

California officials said loosening concealed weapons permitting standards and allowing more people to carry guns threatens law enforcement officials and endangers the public.

Clement countered that there was no evidence that crime went up in counties such as Fresno and Sacramento that had more permissive “good cause” standards.

Feel free to discuss this below, and share this link!


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Some Clients You Just Hate!

We Love Our Clients

Working in public relations for over 16 years, I can tell you some stories about clients I HATED! Yes, that’s a strong word but they are just difficult to work with no matter how hard you try. Nothing pleases them. It’s almost like they’re lives are miserable and they want everyone’s’ lives around them to be miserable as well. I mean to answer the phone and hear yelling immediately, not even a hello? That is just plain rude!

Thankfully at WinnComm, LLC we don’t have any of those clients! We actually love working with our clients. They’re fun! They ask important questions. And they’re easy to promote! I mean who wouldn’t want to do social media planning around kitties and puppies? Or building website traffic and SEO for clients around healthy eating or helping startups with business planning? Or a assist a multi-boxer gamer with his online store? (He’s taking a break from gaming over the summer). Yes, we truly do have awesome clients! And we’re about helping them become successful and meeting goals!

WinnComm’s philosophy is simple. Work with businesses you would love to promote, but if for some reason, personalities clash, then good-bye! Just read an article from our co-CEO Jim Couts on firing clients! If you work for yourself, you made be hesitant to let them go for financial reasons. We understand! But work towards a goal and time when you can tell them, “No more! You’re fired!” Some clients you just hate to work with!

The cool thing is, we’re looking for more clients we love! We have goals of the types of clients we would love to work with! Gaming companies, products or gamer profile like Shakeboxing, a racing team, a non-profit helping homeless families, anything to do with astronomy or space are just a few! But honestly, we’re willing to help any business to reach their goals! We are goal focused and have many strategies, products and pathways for you to get where you want to grow! Just contact us NOW!



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Pressure of Facebook: Bullying of Forcing Ads on Your Company


Originally posted on LinkedIn:

TL;DR: If I could, I’d wrap it up in a screenshot… well here you go:

Of course, my comments in yellow aren’t politically correct, but do I care? Of course not! I don’t care, but what I do care about are corporate / non-corporate social media platforms out there looking to force ads down another’s throat just because I ranked and seeded everything about Public Relations down their search engines like it’s Google. Easy peasy! So their way of getting me out of there because of the world’s largest public relations firm went and cried to them? Was to unpublish a page I set up for my wife’s blog and they flagged the website with this note to throw a left-jab:

A website that’s ran by my wife and business partner, which is a PR (public relations) BUFF and someone that loves telling stories of others and getting the word out there. But do you see where I’m heading with this?

Does anyone really need #Facebook to buy ads to reach your next potential client? Nope! This was just another test case on why you shouldn’t buy ads from them. They are downright the bully of the internet for forcing and shutting a page down when they only have three likes on their page but ranked number one in front of anyone that has a journalism, crisis communications, or anything public relations background. Their search algorithm was too easy and I ended up figuring it all out in two days. I’m a marketer, an engineer and a product owner that specifically focuses on building and engaging the user base of a business. I aim to always find a way through any block, whether it’s in my professional / personal life.

So their tactic was to shove an email down my inbox two hours after the fact asking me if I wanted to buy ads. They were a bit irritated they were losing ad revenue or maybe that PR firm was losing money from leads, whatever it was, I was simply using their system to my advantage. #TestComplete

I’ve been a #GrowthHacker since long before the used car sales(wo)men converted to #onlinemarketers. 😉

Oh I almost forgot, a few hours later, the claim of an automated system did this, when in fact the only thing they selectively did was change my permissions to not use Open Graph for over 24 hours on my personal profile (They must think I’m a fool.)

Question: Will you get banned from this on Facebook by posting about them?

Answer: They’ll do whatever they want, and however they want. I never broke a violation or rule since it’s all stated here: but do I care if I’m banned? Surely not, it’s not my first rodeo, for them it may be, and for what’s to come if they do is on them. They do wholeheartedly believe in “selective censorship.” Wondering if they’ll continue their tirade since the fact of the matter is they tried to bully the wrong person, personally.

Do I need their ads? Nope, look here below… If I was to buy an ad, it would be on Twitter. However, I’m a firm believer against ads so I’m torn. I built a lovely piece of marketing software that I’ve been maintaining and using since 2001 for online marketing, wondering why Google AdWords reached out to partner up with me back in 2005, which of course I refused… (Best testimonial I ever received, besides my recommendations on LinkedIn here.)

Geo-fencing & demographical used as one is dangerous, well a good dangerous! 😉

Facebook’s Priorities

Then when they have pages up alike the following and claim a public relations page with only three people that liked it and it’s two days old was “violating their terms”. I’m not sure where their priorities are…

#CyberBullying in corporate levels do suck. Legally can they do this? Of course, it’s their website, we adhere to it. What do we do afterwards?

Watch and see! #Staytuned and follow on @geek_think


Best regards,
Jim Couts/ co-CEO WinnComm, LLC

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadricopter – 2 HD Batteries – 36 minutes of flying time – Red

Easily updates to meet FAA requirements
Intuitive piloting through Smartphone/tablet control
Automatic stabilization system for assisted control for indoor and outdoor flight

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Choosing a Product to Sell online

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Development Boards & Kits – AVR DIY Gamer Kit from Reviews

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Live TV online is better for our psyche


Where is our involvement?

In today’s maverick era people search for things that are interactive. Things that offer an active involvement of the crowd always rules the consumer market. Researchers and experts are subjecting the consumer market to extensive surveys to understand the psyche of people. The results of those surveys were an eye-opener and unveiled a lot of latent facts about the consumer’s mind. The studies stated that the satellite TV service’s popularity has reached a saturation. Yes, it offers recreation and pleasure. However, the media does not offer any scope for the viewers’ participation into the recreation process.

So let’s switch to Live TV online. Wait. What’s the hurry? A little patience please. Live TV online is stylish. So let’s do it in style.

A little Abraham vibe won’t hurt.

The previous section reveals that satellite TV is failing to motivate consumers of the contemporary times. So when it’s about motivating element, talk to Abraham Maslow (the greatest cult in motivational theories). It’s time now to recall his classes on the theory of hierarchy of motivational levels. Human mind traverses through five levels of need. Let’s check the conventional video service on these five specifications.

Physiological needs:- These are one’s basic drives like hunger, thirst and want for pleasure. At this level human mind is absolutely like a kid that urges to derive pleasure. The mind at this level has little IQ and analytical capabilities. This is because, it has not yet fulfilled its elementary desires. Talking in terms of the context the conventional satellite video service is meeting those desires completely. The mind wants pleasure and the service does the needful. So it’s a green signal from this specification.

Security needs:- People always want things in surplus. So they would want a guarantee on pleasure. They want the delight to come for a long time. Satellite video service fulfills that too. If one can afford the service, then it is going to serve him for a considerable period. It’s time to celebrate. Things are proper on this level too (Let’s move on to the next level. The celebration can wait).

Need for affiliation:- Humans always like to conform to the environment around them. Consumption is not the only motive. They like to act explicitly too. When people come in contact with a stimuli they form a perception about it and wish to express their mind. They want to react. They want to share their views. Things become great for them when their views stand conspicuous. This is where satellite video service fails to lure consumers. That mini video set at home only speaks and never listens. People see video content and gather reactions. They seriously need a vent. Television Channels On Net are helpful in this regard. One can watch Television Channels On Net and comment on them freely.

Esteemed needs:- Humans want recognition too. When people use Mobile TV Live 2g service and share their views on the video content, their thought process gets an exposure to the world. So, people acquire an esteemed status through Mobile TV Live 2g service.

Be yourself:- This is the ascetic state of mind. At this level, mind wants to fulfill its dormant desires. For instance a person might want to become a writer or a public speaker or a philosopher. However, he may not get an opportunity to gratify these hidden wishes owing to pressures throughout his life. This web video service drives him to those unaddressed zones. The web video service won’t mind if someone writes an encyclopedia or manuscript of his profound reactions on any video content.

Web video service providers are doing extensive research on the conventional theories propounded by scientists of the orthodox age. They are making endeavors to get into the psyche of today’s consumer to gratify it fully. So now if someone says that web video service is awesome, is it an exaggeration?

Rajeshvar is an expert with multimedia based entertainment. His keen eye on the business models of various companies in the multimedia devices brings him to the fact of writing about his observations. He explicitly studies Live TV online, Television Channels On Net and Mobile TV Live 2g. For more information visit-
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Apple MD818AM/A Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

Apple MD818AM/A Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

  • Connect to an Apple USB Power Adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet.
  • Reversible design
  • One meter in length
This Original OEM Apple USB Lightning Cable For iPhone This USB 2.0 cable connects your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning connector to your computer's USB port for syncing and charging or to the Apple USB Power Adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet. 1M Long

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Protect Your Cell Phone With The Aid Of Cell Phone Case!


We all know how pricey cell phones could be, so this is an amazing opportunity for you to try and keep your cell phone clean and safe with a cell phone cover or a cell phone case. For individuals who want both style and functionality, the cell phone cover could be just right. The cell phone case is also very useful for those who want a place to put their phone when it’s not in use and want to keep it safely beside them.

A cell phone cover will usually be designed for a specific phone, though, there are off brands which will even fit the phones faceplate too. Some phones, like Samsung Intercept can’t have a cell phone cover added on to it, so it will be better to pick the cell phone case for it.

There are a lot of cell phone case as well as cell phone cover options: Colors, Designs, Styles, Brands, Sizes, and Materials. You can even select other cell phone accessories for your phone too. These mobile phone accessories include goods like:

Noise reduction isolation stereo retractable ear bud headphones

Portable AA battery powered emergency charger with flashlight


All-in-one combo cell phone accessories, which contains everything for your phone!

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Earn Your Associate’s Degree in Information Systems and Technology


Students who’re keen on computers and data systems should pursue a very good education in information systems and technology. This training degree program usually consists of specialized computer courses and knowledge classes. By pursuing this education exercise and diet program, students are very ready for a position in the corporate environment.

Your computer and Internet have undoubtedly changed the entire world and how its inhabitants get in touch with eath other. Persons are able to broadcast their personal lives, search for information, play games with users on another continent, e-mail their friends and relatives, send photos, network with colleagues and publish blogs in the rapid rate. When using the Internet changing at this type of quick pace, new technology, computer processes and software programs are continually needed to take care of the safety, efficiency and proper using software and also the Internet.

If you enjoy working with computers, the World Wide Web, new technology and appreciate troubleshooting, next the college Associate’s Degree in Information Systems and Technology stands out as the right career site for you. This college education program increases the basic career training foundation which provides students career flexibility when deciding on a technology or computer-related occupation. After graduation, students can go on to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree or delve immediately into the working world.

It students can quickly identify conditions may affect a computer’s basic operations, want to troubleshoot, problem solve, enjoy handling other business friends and provide a radical familiarity with the standard operations of technology. Acquiring an Associate’s Degree will simply take a student two years. Make your best effort, students shall learn by participating in many hands-on online classes and computer classes.

The curriculum educates students inside the fields expertise storage, programming practices, development cycle, technology applications trading strategy and ethical and legal technology issues. Students should be able to locate information resources and evaluate them for relevance and credibility. An Associate’s Degree in it will give students good comprehension of all cyber-related processes.

Information systems management courses are designed to help students develop the cabability to manage and organize the vast online resources of an organization. These classes give students a complete and in-depth perception of management standards along with the fundamentals of strategy and technology systems. Because of this diverse education, students will be able to become an integral part of a number of corporate environments. Students that want to pursue an Associate’s Degree in Information Systems should expect to:

Discover the basics and fundamentals of computers and also the Internet
Familiarize yourself with potential threats, viruses, malware along with hazardous elements that can can damage a computer
Work firsthand with experts within the information advancement and computer products industries, take part in classroom discussion that permit you to seek advice and test your own theories

Test new technology and software programs which are available available
Understand more about information and data storage, retrieval, manipulation and various data processes
Discover more about business settings and how technology works with the corporate world along with its everyday operations, experience how technology benefits a small business environment in a range of contexts

Information Technology Job

Information Technology Efforts are Everywhere – Even That you Pricier Them
If you are looking for that great career, or if you are looking for employment change then you certainly needs to consider taking a look at technology jobs. The field computers is continually growing, this line of business has grown bigger and businesses need more plus more experts in a certain field while in the world of computers.

Information technology effort is increasing daily, these tasks are permeating all areas and all career fields. Listed here are traditional information technology jobs, that could supply you with a basic knowledge of the kinds of jobs available, but there are also many other IT jobs within other career fields.

The laptop Programmer

Career methods of software engineers are continually changing, because software and hardware requirements also are constantly changing. This career field requires you to keep up to date as of yet with new programs and then to gain knowledge of them every year. Some type of computer programmer’s salary may even vary dependant upon the experience he has got.

Web Designer
This is often another It job, nevertheless the web designer isn’t necessarily a programmer, but sometimes have programming knowledge in some cases. Most web-site designers work making web sites. Web sites, web data bases, etc. Online designer often works hand in hand which includes a web programmer, but sometimes also get treatment when using the creative artist, and graphic artist.

Isn’t even close to Animation Expert
This is the specialist operates with moving animations, training videos, games, etc. Whomever operates on this field needs to be proficient in information technology, but additionally creative and artistic. This individual loves computer games and anything regarding animation.

The net Editor and SEO Specialist
These technology jobs involve the writing of content within a practical way specifically for the net. It demands the precise placing of any site within Google. The folks that enter into search engine optimization experienced some form of writing background attending college and computer background too.

Laptop Network Engineer
This data technology job involves working together with isn’t even close to itself, the hardware, software and the company’s networking capabilities. He repairs, diagnoses, changes out computers, and re-establishes the servers working when something happens.

More information Technology Jobs

Has a tendency to are classified as the traditional it jobs, however more and more career fields are requiring extensive computer knowledge. For instance if you intend on entering an engineering field, you will see various computer applications you must be able to manage.
This holds true for accounting and science fields. If by way of example you choosed work with geology you must use spatial technology computer applications and GPS technology.
Internet technology skills will be vital later on in just about all career fields. A lot more computer skills you have the better your work skills will probably be additionally, the better job you can land.

So, for anybody who is choosing your job and tend to be concerned with future tons of employment opportunities, then this job in it is what you are looking at. To succeed your career and transform your pay just as one IT professional you should read more in great detail at Online IT Degree . Computer systems is just not going anywhere. They’re going to do not be obsolete, even though you will really need to keep the skills recent because the fast changes that occur within these fields.

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